Theater Department
Welcome to the New Bingpix Gallery of the Binghamton University Theater Dept. It is a work in progress, but eventually all pictures that were taken, all the way back to the 1970's, will appear for each show. Currently, many of the early shows are represented by a small number of photos. Keep an eye out for more!

Jazz Nutcracker

Director JoEllen Kuhlman

JoEllen Kuhlman

Assistant Choreographer: Erin Wilcox

Dance Captain: Abigail Calandra


Scenic Design by Barbara Wolfe

Props by Richard Vollmer and Howard Klein

Costume Andrea Lenci Cerchiara
Lighting Design Ethan Terwilliger
Projection Design  Gabrielle Button
Stage Manage Rachel Russo
Cast Abigail Calandra as CLARA
David Dropkin as THE PRINCE
Gabrielle DeSantis as SUGAR PLUM
PARTY PARENTS: Antonio Bethune, Benjamin Bulgrien, Gabrielle DeSantis, Jada Harris, Jamie DeTingo, Evan Lapp, Allison Moore, Nate Morse, Phillip Russo, Shylea Dukat
PARTY CHILDREN: Madison Bigelow, Olivia Carr, Ava Grubham, Grace Hicks, Allyson Kennedy, Chloe Kleitz, Ashlyn Lancki, Emma Lapp, Gabrielle Pettit, Ashleigh Steele, Shelby Steele
DROSSELMEYER’S ENTOURAGE: David Dropkin, Morgan Immoor, Alexa Schiff
COWGIRLS: Olivia Carr, Ava Grubham, Emma Lapp
BALLERINA: Hitomi Endo
TOY SOLDIERS: Antonio Bethune, Benjamin Bulgrien, Nate Morse, Philip Russo
MOUSE QUEEN: Morgan Immoor
MICE: Jamie DeTingo, Shylea Dukat, Hitomi Endo, Jada Harris, Prisca Hoffstaetter, Allison Moore, Alexa Schiff
SNOWFLAKES: Gabrielle DeSantis, Jamie DeTingo, Shylea Dukat, Prisca Hoffstaetter, Morgan Immoor, Allison Moore, Serina Nelson, Alexa Schiff
SUGAR PLUMETTES: Shylea Dukat, Zoey Rouhanna
HOT CHOCOLATE: Benjamin Bulgrien, Hitomi Endo, Prisca Hoffstaetter, Nate Morse, Alexa Schiff
TEA: Emma Lapp, Evan Lapp
MARZIPAN: Jamie DeTingo, Allison Moore, Philip Russo
CUPCAKES: Olivia Carr, Ava Grubham, Allyson Kennedy, Chloe Kleitz, Ashlyn Lancki, Shelby Steele
ICE CREAM: Antonio Bethune
LOLLIPOPS: Serina Nelson, Jada Harris, Morgan Immoor
BABY PLUMS: Madison Bigelow, Grace Hicks, Gabby Pettit, Ashleigh Steele