Theater Department
Welcome to the New Bingpix Gallery of the Binghamton University Theater Dept. It is a work in progress, but eventually all pictures that were taken, all the way back to the 1970's, will appear for each show. Currently, many of the early shows are represented by a small number of photos. Keep an eye out for more!

Performed in Watters Theater March 1-10, 2019

Written by Kirsten Greenidge
Directed by Godfrey L. Simmons, Jr.


Production Cast and Crew
Cast Savannah Young as Alyssa  
Klaire Martinez as Dean Hernandez
Mayah Wells as Shelby
Kira Xiaoke Jia as Grace
Amelia Pena as Fiona
Robert Edwards as Bryant
Connor Brannigan as Carson
Brianna Simpkins as Leigh
Liz Sierra as Rachel
Stage Management

Stage Manager: Misty Rodriguez
SM Advisor: Howard Kelin
Assistant Directors: Cindy Dias, Rachel Russo
Assistant Stage Managers: Kyle Fletcher, Molly Heller


Vocal Coach: Anne Brady
Movement Coach: Elizabeth Mozer


Scenic Design by Laura Fine Hawkes
Technical Director: Chris Hawkes
Assistant Tech Director.: Scott Selmeski
Assistant Designer: Jessica Kiss
Projection Video Design: Jenna Brady
Projection Coordinator: Madeline Paulich

Scenic Construction Crew: Brenda Darcy, Robert Edwards, Hitomi Endo, Alexis Frizzell, Katherine Fucigna, Alyssa Geertgens, Juhyeon Ham, Benjamin Kahn, Kassie Kelso, Sarah McGovern, Sophia Moskowitz, Shannon O’Rourke, Dazriel Rivera, Misty Rodriguez, Liz Sierra, Rebecca Silverman, Emma Williams

Graduate Assistants: Clarence Hause, Kun Li

Stage/props Crew: Sammy Li, Colin Matthews, Tianning Xu

Projection Operators: Woojin Chun, Zixian Zeng


Lighting Design by Steve Carmichael

Assistant Designers: Shannon O’Rourke, Madeline Paulich

Master Electrician: Lars Updale

Assistant M.E. :Shawn Salick

Electricians: David Painter, Jaemin Park

Board Operators: Gaoming Lyu, Haoyuan Zheng


Costume Design by Rebecca Verpile

Assistant Designer: Rebecca Ollerenshaw

Design Advisor: Andrea Lenci-Cerchiara

Shop Manager: Sandy Vest

Shop Assistants: Marisa Wade, Susan Johnson

Construction Crew: Jessica Barnoy, Yangzhou Bian, Luke Craver, Cindy Dias, Stamatia Dimitriou, Amanda Earls, Rebecca Engel, Samantha Goss, Holden Gunster, Molly Heller, Xiaoke Jia, Clare Johnson, Abdoulaye Keita, Jessica Kiss, Kaleigh Kuehl, Danielle Kurlander, Briana Mannarino, Megan MarkAnthony, Yingrui Mu, Sylvia Niemann, Madeline Paulich, Kathryn Schermerhorn, Ronni Schweitzer, Darien Scriven, Eden Stein, Ethan Terwilliger, Mayah Wells, Andrea Youngken

Graduate Assistant: Chris White


Wardrobe Crew: Maryam Banire, Stacey Bayer, Chloe Niemann


Sound Design by Craig C. Saeger

Assistant Designer: Einat Beygelman


Board Operators: Einat Beygelman, Youngjun Kim


Prop Master: Richard Vollmer

Assistant: Kaleigh Kuehl