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Oct 12-29, 2023

 Binghamton University Department of Theatre, Studio A, Fine Arts Bldg
Absolutely no audio or video recording of this production is allowed at any time. Thank you.
Written by
Belinda Bremner

Content Warning:

Due to the nature of this piece, we would like to advise our audience of potentially sensitive content (gunshots and depictions of violence). We are mindful that certain expressions and topics, while specific to the world of the play, may be triggers for some individuals. If you might be sensitive to these topics you can contact the box office or the ushers for more information.


ENVOY tells the thrilling story of a group of

American college students taken hostage

while working abroad on a service trip.

Now held captive and faced with an impossible decision,

each student is left to reflect on their beliefs,

their decisions, and ultimately their lives.



Alexandra Blum
Jillian Carley
Linda Chen
Gisele Domingues
Alex Givens
Guest Artist, Peter
Kaitlyn Hennie
Jack Iovanella
Keenan Laurino
Guest Artist, Andre
Nick Parker
Yiorgos Stenos
Zaina Vallon
Amaini Varney
Keaton Hemminger
Mamadee Konneh
Understudy: Peter/Andre
Joshua Schull
Understudy: Tom/Matt/Jacob


Belinda Bremner


Brandon A Wright


Keaton Hemminger

Assistant Director

Taylor Denning

Stage Manager

Erin Memmesheimer

Assistant Stage Manager

Miranda Hawkins

Assistant Stage Manager

Olivia O'Brien

Production Stage Manager

Laura Fine Hawkes

Scenic Designer

Devon Painter

Costume Designer

Olivia Timmis

Assistant Costume Designer

Nate Wheatley

Lighting Designer

Laura Kensley

Sound Designer, Lighting and Sound Technician

Chris Hawkes

Technical Director

Scott Selmeski

Assistant Technical Director

Clarence Hause

Scenic Artist

Olivia Richmond

Production Assistant

Ariel Thomke

Costume Shop Manager

Olivia Dilworth

Costume Constuction Specialist

Jana Kucera

Costume Shop Assistant

LeAnn Almonte

Make Up Artist

Melissa Norman

Make Up Artist

Cady Vitale

Props Master






Light Board Op:  Shaw Peng

Sound Board Op:  Lauren Pittari

Costume Crew:  Toby Jauregui, Hayden Sutton, Jianna Caro

Makeup Crew:  LeAnn Almonte, Melissa Norman



Scenic Construction Crew:

Rebecca Nowicki

Keaton Hemminger

Allison Sanel

Zoha Khan

Yuruo Zhang

Shaw Peng

Xutong Shi

Steven McKnight


Costume Construction Crew:

Abdul Razak Mohammed

Alexandra Blum

Charles Speciale 

Chris Chang 

Grace Burkart 

Jadon Lau 

Julianna Mpazicos

 Kaitlyn Hennie

Kenneth Davis 

Rachel Kim 

Ravin Van Gelder

Santiago Parra 

Shaw Peng

Stephenie Lin 

Xiaoning Wang

Sunny Shi

 Yuruo Zhang 


Lighting Crew:

Billy Szabo

Zayn Noel

Olivia Richmond

Jade Jiminez

Jade Torres

Isabella Ambrosio

Chantal Jenkins

Rocco Dominguez

Michael Esquivel

Sebastien Scioscia

Erica Gunderson

Linda Chen

Ava Zuckerman

Caleb Lai

Kristina Yim

Samantha Goldman